Hormone Pellet Therapy

Hormone Pellet Implantation (Estrogen, Testosterone)

Regain your body’s youthfulness and vitality

For many years, researchers have studied and published results on the positive impact of Hormone Pellet Implantation. It is a method of hormone regulation in both men and women. Hormone pellets are an efficient, safe, and natural way of balancing hormone levels in the body.
No creams, patches, or pills are required as the Hormone Pellet Implantation saves you time by putting the hormones directly where they are supposed to go.

Why Hormone Pellet Implants?

The process is very simple and easy to undergo if you choose to have them implanted. Patients can expect pellets to be inserted into them for around 3-4 times a year and the process can take around 15 minutes or less

While results can vary from person-to-person, we can estimate that you can expect results in around 2-4 weeks, with full optimization taking up to 6 months. The goal of Hormone Pellet Implantation is to target symptoms from low estrogen or testosterone and optimize appropriate hormone levels.

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Hormone Pellet Benefits

There are many benefits of Hormone Pellet Therapy. The treatment method allows for a consistent delivery of hormones, restoring balance and function without the hassle of applying daily applications of creams, gels or injections.

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    Consistent Amount Applied

    Creams, pills, and patches can deliver varying levels of hormones like estrogen and testosterone to your body. Hormone pellets will make sure everything is distributed at the right doses when the body needs it.

    Simple Insertion

    Insertion of the pellets in the specific area is quick and painless. Once inside the body, it works to deliver hormones at the right amounts when the body calls for them.

    Bone Density Protection

    The bone structure in our bodies decline as we age. When the pellets distribute more amounts of hormones to the body, it will help promote and protect your bone density from conditions like osteoporosis.

    What to Expect Afterwards

    After the pellets are inserted into your body, strenuous physical activity is to be avoided and you can shower 24 hours after the procedure is finished. Consult with your healthcare professional on the next steps afterwards.

    Since the hormone pellets are Bio-Identical and plant based, they will be dissolved in your body and absorbed safely in your bloodstream. From there, it can take a few weeks or months for the pellet to really kick in.

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