3 Reasons to See an Integrative Physician

There is a lot of chatter the past few years about integrative medicine and for good reason.  According to Cleveland Clinic, “Integrative medicine uses an evidence-based approach to treat the whole person — your mind, body and soul. Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs are all involved, so integrative medicine uses a combination of therapies. It “integrates” conventional approaches and complementary therapies to achieve optimal health and healing.”  It makes sense!  There are 3 primary reasons to see an Integrative Physician in Miami.

3 Reasons to See an Integrative Physician

  • We have all been to our primary care doctor or gone with a loved one to discuss an issue only to be told by the doctor that they don’t handle your issue and they refer you to a specialist.  Then you go to the specialist and they treat one symptom and when another symptom arises they say that it’s not their problem and you have to see yet another doctor and it goes on and on and on.  Somehow, none of these doctors are interested in conferring with each other or looking at the complete picture of your health.  This is definitely a time when you should reach out to an integrative physician who will look at your total health picture and look beyond the traditional structure of you have a problem, here is a pill to fix it.


  • Many of us have experienced symptoms that a primary care physician or specialist cannot seem to figure out the cause.  After boilerplate testing and random prescribing of medications, your symptoms do not subside and perhaps become worse.  Your physician often tells you some version of nothing is wrong and you just have to live with it.  This is when you need an integrative physician who will look beyond the regular blood panels and testing and consider your entire health profile.  You need someone who will get to know you and your health to get to the root of your problems.  This happens very often to people with digestive, hormonal and autoimmune issues.  Your primary care physician or often times your specialist does not look outside their typical treatment plans that do not work for every patient.  Unfortunately, the corporate medical climate does not allow much time to treat patients unique issues.


  • People with a focus on health & wellness and living their best life, should seek out an integrative physician as a great source of prevention.  You can learn your deficiencies and where you are doing well.  Start early by focusing on the proper nutrition, supplements and exercise that will specifically benefit your body.  The road to a terrific quality of life, medication-free begins with prevention and age-management.

The Vida Difference

Our integrative medicine clinic in Miami is run by medical doctors. We believe that one cannot attain true health through separate weight loss programs, hormone balancing, proper nutrition and supplementation, digestive support, and sugar regulation.  All of these issues need to be supported and monitored through an Integrative Approach. Whatever your reason, the time is now to take charge of your own medical care.  When seeking integrative medical treatment, it is very important to seek out an actual MD who is properly trained and truly capable of helping you reach your best health. Contact our office to schedule your initial consultation.