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Nutritional therapies, often referred to as nutraceuticals or functional foods, can optimize your body’s functions leading to overall health and significant improvement in bio markers such as blood sugar, cholesterol, liver function, and vitamin stores. At Vida Hormone Therapy & Integrative Health, we offer only the highest quality grade supplements and functional foods available in medicine today.

They boost your nutrient stores and are known to help prevent common illnesses such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Allergies
  • Inflammatory conditions

Nutraceuticals are highly concentrated substances, meaning they are able to provide health benefits quicker than if you were to consume the food itself.

Because of their effectiveness, about 60 to 70% of the population in developed nations has incorporated some form of Nutraceutical into their regular diet.

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It is very important to buy your Nutraceutical supplements from a trusted medical professional. There are many brands that sell these products at grocery and drug stores, although they haven’t been properly clinically tested, potentially causing adverse side effects.

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    Vida Hormone Therapy & Integrative Health prides itself on putting your health and safety first. Rest assured, all our products have been extensively tested by patients who have a range of different medical profiles. These supplements use the highest-grade ingredients and follow stringent production protocol to ensure that they are not compromised in any way.

    Nutraceutical Quality Control

    Our products are manufactured with your safety in mind. They are put through:


    • A rigorous quality control process
    • Extensive clinical testing
    • Independent audits to make sure quality norms are met

    What are the benefits of Nutraceuticals?

    • Improves antioxidant functions
    • Helps to prevent chronic conditions
    • Boosts regular biological processes
    • Restores nutritional imbalances
    • Builds immune status

    Why are Nutraceuticals so important?

    Most of our patients who opt for these supplements have a balanced diet but still experience improper absorption of nutrients due to underlying conditions. Nutraceuticals are potent dietary supplements that can bridge that gap.

    Are there any risks with Nutraceuticals?

    There are some medications with which these supplements should not be ingested. Moreover, if you experience chronic sickness or are part of the vulnerable population (very young or old), we strongly recommend letting your doctor know before you opt for them.

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